Welcome To Amico India

At Amico, happiness is at the heart of everything we do. From our products to service offerings, from design to functionality, from style to lifestyle- innovation — every aspect of our business contributes to a happy home.We are passionate about innovation, breaking norms to bring in the new. Driven by the belief that technology can redefine our living experience, we are striving to bring global standards of performance and design to the Indian household.Performance That Delights Our products feature superior materials and at every stage of the process are subjected to high levels of quality control. In light of our efforts. Performance that will delight you and services that guarantee dependability – that’s the Amico signature.Health Is Happiness,Fresh air. Clean water. Complete nutrition. A happy life begins with good health. And at Amico we have pulled out all stops to ensure the well-being of you and your loved ones. Designed for India, our offering takes into account region-specific challenges; we offer tailor-made solutions to meet the unique needs of Indian families.

Our revolutionary and precocious functional features like Auto-Clean technology of kitchen chimneys, 3D Gas stove with brass burners mark our success mantra, while well-versed service and lifetime support to customers have helped us pave our way to success.


Amico India Chimneys are modern designed that is suitable for all type kitchens. It also has auto cleaning technology and has no baffle filters in it. The auto clean function separates out the oil particle with its specialized technology and it is easy to clean. Amico India auto clean chimney collects all the oil in the fumes and in the kitchen air in a separate container, which can be easily removed and cleaned and put back in that saves a lot of effort and time. Its additional feature is the Auto Clean timer that enables you to set the amount of time for which the auto cleaning will happen. It is completely sound free and smokes free and it is ISI/ ISO certified.

Amico India Chimneys Specialties that can’t be disregarded :

  • Auto Cleaning Technology with metallic blower and easy to wash oil collector.
  • Amico India chimneys have no plastic parts Which ensure its safety & non-flammable elements.
  • Our Chimneys are of pure stainless steel/ metal steel with 8 m m glass margin. The black stainless steel chimneys also available.
  • Chimney’s motors are 100 percent Indian designed of 180 watt. Motor has copper binding on it.
  • We provide promise-able lifetime free service on (lifetime warranty) motors and 1 years on other parts.
  • It’s completely a maintenance free auto clean chimney
  • We provide X-trend models of Chimneys.

Amico India Chimneys are available in 600 mm- 900mm that are suitable even for bigger kitchens. It ranges in moderated and nominal price value as compared to others.